Sure Speed SS7 and SIGTRAN Protocol Stacks - High Capacity, Scalable and Reliable


What makes our SS7 and SIGTRAN Stack beat the competition

Super Performance

Our SS7 and SIGTRAN stack has an unbeatable performance due to highly optimized software architecture evolved after several years of engineering. It can process 12000+ messages per second on a simple Intel i5 Desktop machine.


Our software is written keeping in mind a telecom grade requirements. Hence, they do not have restrictions in terms of capacity. Our SS7 and SIGTRAN stack can be used to create a very high capacity telecom solution ensuring smooth network operations.


Our SIGTRAN and SS7 Stack products have strong in built analytics while includes real time log collection and diagnostics collection. Further, error reporting and trace collection are fully customizable.

250+ Customers

We have a strong customer base of over 250 satisfied customers across all the continents of the world. Our SS7 and SIGTRAN stacks have inter-operated with solutions from other vendors. Our SIGTRAN and SS7 stacks have been used to create SMSC, GSM Gateway, STP, VAS and MAP/CAP based solutions.



M3UA (MTP-3 User Adaptation Layer) is a protocol for supporting the transport of SS7 MTP-3 User Signaling (e.g. ISUP or SCCP messages) over IP using the services of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). Also, provision is made for protocol elements that enable a seamless operation of the MTP-3 User peers in the SS7 and IP domains. This protocol would be used between Signaling Gateway (SG) and Media Gateway Controller (MGC) or IP-Resident Database, or between two IP-based applications. It is assumed that SG receives SS7 signaling over a standard SS7 interface using the SS7 message Transfer Part (MTP) to provide transport. Our M3UA software is a high performance implementation of M3UA protocol (RFC 4666, RFC 3332). It is based on our proprietary Sure Speed framework that ensures a high level of performance for all our protocol implementations. Read More


SCCP (Signalling Connection Control Part) is an SS7 user part protocol based on ITU-T Q.711-Q.719 specification set and ANSI T1.112 specification set. SCCP provides connection-less and connection-oriented services to its users (like TCAP, BSSMAP, RANAP etc.). Connection-less services of SCCP is widely used within telecommunications networks for implementing services like SMS, USSD, GSM services and IN services. Sure Speed CL SCCP is Connection-less SCCP and it is based on our high performance Sure Speed architecture. Sure Speed CL SCCP may be used for implementing services within GSM and UMTS networks, connecting to various telecom nodes like HLR, MSC, SMS Center, USSD Center etc. Sure Speed CL SCCP integrates well with Sure Speed M3UA for an overall high performance and user-friendly experience. (Sure Speed CL SCCP may also be easily integrated with any MTP-3 or M3UA implementation.) Read More


TCAP (Transaction Control Application Part) is an SS7 user part protocol based on ITU-T Q.771-Q.779 specification set. Sure Speed TCAP is based on our proprietary Sure Speed Architecture that provides reliability and high performance design. TCAP layer is used for performing remote operations and to fetch data from remote databases. It takes services of Connection-less SCCP for implementing many value added services and core services like SMS, USSD, GSM services and IN services. TCAP is used by MAP, CAP, INAP and other applications for implementing the signalling logic of modern telecommunication networks. In other words, TCAP is an integral part of modern telecommunication networks. Sure Speed TCAP supports distributed application development. This means that several instances of TCAP layer can be run on one or more systems and traffic can be distributed between them. This helps in building a high capacity system that can provide fail-safe design. Read More

Evaluate Our Products

Please go through our product programming manuals and see our demonstration binaries in action before making up your mind. You may use wireshark to capture messages and see our protocol stacks in real action.
Our download section contains:

Programmer's Manual ( M3UA / SCCP / TCAP )

32-bit Linux Demo Binary ( M3UA / SCCP / TCAP )

64-bit Linux Demo Binary ( M3UA / SCCP / TCAP )
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